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Wash With Care And Save The Planet...

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Wash With Care And Save The Planet...

One of the small joys of life is putting on a freshly laundered T Shirt.

Most modern washing powders work perfectly well at low temperatures. We recommend a maximum wash temperature of 30°C for our organic cotton garments, and line or air-drying. Even a cold water wash works well in most cases.

You should never tumble dry our cotton as it not only shrinks the fibres and makes them more brittle, but also consumes four times more energy than washing alone. For example a load of laundry washed at 30°C creates 0.6kg CO2e, whereas adding machine drying quadruples that to 2.4kg CO2e. Ironing adds even more.

We find that even without ironing there are very few wrinkles to be seen if the garments are hung or laid flat to dry, and those that remain are soon ‘ironed out’ by your own body heat after an hour or so.

Anyway, as your Granny might have told you, a few wrinkles never hurt anyone!

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