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Why We Don't Give Celebs Freebies....

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Why We Don't Give Celebs Freebies....

If you see a celebrity wearing SUPREMEBEING® (and we see many) you can be sure it’s been bought and paid for. We believe so-called celebrity marketing is a giant scam, benefitting the celebrity much more than the brand, and is also a kind of dishonesty.  

Almost every week we are offered the ‘special opportunity’ to provide free products for ‘gifting’ events, often for awards ceremonies, where celebrities award each other prizes for doing their highly-paid jobs adequately, funded by a gawping public that in the end pays for their narcissism. We are also asked to pony up hard cash to the organizers of these orgies of greed for access to these aforementioned ‘special opportunities’.

Probably the most outrageous example is the Oscars. A company called Distinctive Assets controls the Swag Bags given to all 25 nominees in the Acting and Directing categories in the week leading up to the ‘ceremony’. Sadly these do not include a sick-bag. They do though include a bizarre array of items apparently worth (if one was stupid enough to pay full whack for them) over $200,000!

Some of these covetable gifts include the use of a free Audi for a year and stays in overpriced resorts, but quickly descending via tacky jewellery and exclusive training sessions with some bloke you’ve never heard of, to free breast enhancements and, last year, a luxury vibrator!

I don’t imagine any of the nominees are short of a bob or two, but getting something for nothing becomes a full-time job when you’re an A-lister. A friend of ours who has been a senior executive for several global luxury hotel chains tells me he constantly gets calls from celebrities (or their ‘people’) asking for ‘preferential’ (ie free) accommodation, but only in the best rooms/suites of course, and fully ‘comped’, (ie free room service and meals). Their justification is that their mere presence at their chosen establishment will confer some kind of halo-effect and boost the hotel’s prestige. But these are already prestigious places - that’s why the Sleb wants to stay there!

We also get many requests from agents/managers/lackeys of so called Celebs to give them free stuff. We politely decline in every case.

We believe our customer isn’t going to be swayed by us posting a photo of a rock star or actor sporting one of our T’s or Hoodies (and also we respect the privacy of all our customers). We hope you’ll buy because you’d like to wear it yourself, because you have taste, and not because someone got it for free and wore it.

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