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About Us

At SUPREMEBEING® we have one mission. To help men around the world not only look great, but also feel great about what they wear.

Timeless Designs & Durable Products We make clothes that can be proudly worn for years.

Our in-house designers create unique and timeless graphics, which are then applied by hand in England onto the highest quality ethically sourced 100% organic cotton garments.

Invest in a better world Organic Cotton Ethically Sourced

We deplore the wastefulness of fashion, and the global pollution it creates. The organic cotton we use is less than 0.3% of all cotton produced annually, but avoids the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, almost all of which are poisonous to animals and humans.

Ethically sourced materials

Sustainable Materials Enviromentally Friendly Clothing

Cotton is also one of the thirstiest crops on earth. One cotton T-Shirt consumes 800 gallons (1400 litres) of water to produce. Our supplier in India recycles 95% of the water used in production, and generates 100% of their electricity from wind and solar sources.

Finished in the UK

Hand Printed & Finished in the UK

100% Organic

100% Organic or Recycled Fabrics

Ethically sourced materials

Environmentally Friendly

In short, when you buy an item from SUPREMEBEING® you’re not just investing in a better product, but a better world.

Hand Printed & Finished in the UK

100% Organic or Recycled Fabrics

Worldwide Express Delivery